Sales & Marketing

Not all businesses need or can afford a full-time Sales and Marketing employee.  It's the extra costs such as time managing them, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, National Insurance, Pensions, possibly Maternity Pay and more that makes employing someone more complicated and expensive than just their hourly rate. 

However you still have the need for someone to manage and execute your sales and marketing activities including ad-hoc projects or campaigns that need implementing, or simply a tidy up of databases, updating websites, telemarketing campaigns or managing social media accounts.

This is where I can add great value and benefit to your business.  By outsourcing any or all of your sales and marketing tasks, you can rest assured these jobs are getting done well whilst improving your brand and importantly, without all the extra costs and hassle associated with employing someone. ​

An example of sales and marketing jobs I can help with include:

  • Website management - updating information, adding stock, products and services

  • Database cleansing and management - cleaning of contacts, ensuring GDPR compliance, feedback and grouping

  • Social Media planning & caretaking - postings for offers, general information, competitions, product / service awareness

  • Representation at events

  • Telemarketing - using the phone to promote your products and services and making appointments for you to visit existing and new clients

Contact me to arrange a no-obligation chat.  I'd be delighted to provide you with a quotation and outline of how I can help you.  

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