Hotel Consultant

As a Hotel Consultant and from my 20 years in the hospitality industry, I know that to run a hotel effectively and profitably, you need to ensure your processes are efficient and streamlined, staff are motivated and trained, you make savings at every possible opportunity and you carry out ongoing reviews and audits.  And that's before addressing the quality of customer service, invoicing, stock taking and the hundreds of other jobs that all need doing at the same time.

That's a lot of plate spinning (excuse the pun!) and it needs to be managed and streamlined by someone who has the experience, competence and a passion for the industry.

That's why I set up my hotel consultancy service for owners of hotels, leisure facilities and tourism businesses.

I can start off as a mystery guest if necessary and then report my experiences and findings.  Experiencing the Front of House without them knowing is a great way to test whether you are actually delivering what you say you are.


I often find that even though staff know the processes and procedures to deliver a high quality of service, they often fail to deliver it each and every time. 


I examine the details and smoothness of the service as well as looking out for any gaps, improvements or ways you could save money or reduce duplication. 

I offer a range of Hotel Consultancy services including:  ​

  • Review and audit of processes

  • Implementation to streamline processes

  • Recommendations for improvements

  • Human Resources (HR) - contracts, disciplinaries, letters, independent witness

  • Recruitment -  including identifying, sourcing and interviewing 

  • Cost Control and Stock-Taking

  • Efficient invoicing and follow-ups

  • Debt collecting

  • Procurement

  • Event management and representation - from sourcing events to manning the stands and post event follow-ups

  • Special and bespoke projects

There are many more tasks and ways I can help, benefit and contribute to your business.  These are just a few examples.

If you would like to explore how I can help, please email me to arrange a no-obligation chat.